Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tabby and the Golden Compass audio CD

Time to start sketching my old friends and getting myself comfortable in their world again. Above is some sketches of Tabby, I'd like to give her a little more fire in the final version. It's something that always bothered me, she was a little TOO quiet/pensive in the webcomic version. I had a hard time imagining her doing the things she was about to do without some kind of fighting spirit that wasn't present nearly enough. Also, I want her costume in the beginning to be different, more interesting and appropriate for who she is on the inside. Ah~ I'm having so much fun! =)
Also, helping me to realign myself with this, I purchased The Golden Compass audiobook. I listened to tons of Harry Potter audiobooks while I worked on Sorcerers & Secretaries, and they kept me in a pure storytelling entertainment mood that was appropriate for what I was doing and carried me through the project to the end. Now that I'm revisiting one of my favorite stories in The Golden Compass, I'm reminded of what I want RM to be more like. Something thought-provoking, engaging, a complex world filled with characters that grow dramatically and are affected by the world around them in deep and meaningful ways.
Like the book, I had a hard time getting into the audio version at first because of the nature of the story in the beginning. It really doesn't get crazy good until Lyra reaches the North, but once she does the book doesn't stop until the end of the trilogy. It was also difficult to get used to with a full cast after listening to only one person read the entire Harry Potter series. It's different, but still fun to listen to.
I also started nerding out after reading some reader reviews for the book on (people seem to either love it or hate it, which isn't surprising considering the events in the book). This lead me to investigate the state of the movie, and I'm happy that Anand Tucker will be directing. Hopefully this'll be the last time the director changes... sometimes I wonder if this film trilogy will ever get made. If it really does come out in 2007 I'd be amazed. Either way... I'm both excited and nervous for the release of the movies, but happy that there'll always be the books. =)

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