Thursday, December 22, 2005

Egg vs. Chicken

So there I was chattin' it up with an old friend from NY who works at Gamelab now as a visual artist, and he asked me: "Did you play Gamelab's new game over at Playfirst (the publisher)?" And I said no, so I tried it and then... I was knocked on my ass! I LOOOOVE it! XD Am I biased because I used to work with them? Perhaps, but just look at that graphic above and tell me that doesn't look like fun! Definitely Gamelab's most unified game yet in terms of visual/sound/storyline/gameplay, it all works together beautifully! I'm so proud of you Gamelab-ers....! Finally, some gorgeous visuals in american-made casual games while still maintaining easy to learn, addicting and challenging gameplay! I can't wait to see what you guys come out with next! Consider this one BOUGHT.

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I'm still writin' stuff~ just finished a 46 page script and jumping into thumbnails! I'll be trekking out to Waikiki today because they got a Starbucks there and well... I find it a good place to drink tea and get work done sometimes. =) I need to warm up my drawing skills a bit so I'll try to whip up some illustrations to post~ more later!

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