Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorcerers & Secretaries Italian Edition

Thanks to the kind and generous folks at Renoir Comics, especially to Michele, my Sorcerers & Secretaries dream has come true. For the Italian edition, it's being published with both books in one volume with a cover illustration that I felt embraced the atmosphere of the books better than any other. I seriously feel like I haven't seen the final product of the last two years of my working life until now. I just hope it can get published like this in English someday!

The book debuts at the Lucca Comics Fair in Tuscany, Italy, November 1st, then released November 10th.

I never thought I'd have anything published in another language, let alone Italian. It's pretty neat! Can't thank Renoir Comics enough~ They're a fairly young company, but they seriously care about their books and their authors! I wish them a long and happy life. A huge thanks has to go to Kazu, too. I believe it's because the Renoir guys read our wishes for a one volume edition on his blog that they went ahead to do the book this way, and it was Kazu's great editorial eye that helped me make the cover look as good as it does. I love you, sweetie! :D

I'm planning a site redesign soon. With all my writing work going on, I feel that this current site doesn't quite make the cut. In the mean time, enjoy listening to a playlist of music I put together. :P

Saturday, October 6, 2007