Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Rema Chronicles update


Hello! I noticed a lot of people landing on this page, searching for news on The Rema Chronicles Book 2: The Kingdom Of Water. All I can offer you is the above image from book 2, which features yet another story from the Reman religious and historical book, The Remanora.

I've been working hard on book 2 every day, and I cannot wait to share it with everyone! I'm roughly halfway done, so there is no release date yet. Once I have a solid release date, I will announce it loudly on my TwitterInstagram, and at Boltcity Productions.

The reception for book 1 of The Rema Chronicles was greater than I expected for my dorky little fantasy story, especially considering this is a brand new series that is just starting. It stayed on the Indie Bestseller list for roughly six weeks! You all are incredible! I'm so grateful to anyone who gave it read and shared it with friends and family. The idea that this story I carried for forty years is out there in the world, being enjoyed by people who were the same age I was when I first dreamed it up...well it means more than I can say.

For those who do not follow any of my socials, I also want to share these Rema Chronicles coloring pages. They feature actual linework from the book (plus 1 random illustration.) Yes, this is what the inks look like before I lay down color, with help from assistant Audra Furuichi. So, if you want some coloring practice, have at it! Simply click on the thumbnail of your choosing to open the hi-res version in a new window. Make sure to print in landscape mode. All of these are also archived over at Boltcity Productions under "activities", where you can find an FAQ and a Rema Chronicles pronunciation guide.

And of course, I can't update you all without mentioning the Realm Of The Blue Mist book trailer, animated by none other than good friend Denver Jackson. He did an amazing job bringing Tabby and Philip to life, and I know it helped signal boost The Rema Chronicles a lot! Follow his incredible work over at Cloudrise Pictures.

A special word of thanks to those of you who followed this blog for several years, who were there as I posted chapters back when this was just a prose novel. I lost hope for this story for a long time, but your feedback and encouragement really helped keep the dream alive. I met a handful of you while signing books on the road. Every time I do, I lack the words to express my deep gratitude. Just know it is there, and I carry your encouragement with me as I dive into the last half of book 2 which features some of the most challenging pages I ever had to draw.

I hope if you find the graphic novel version that you enjoy it, and it brings back memories of those fleeting years. For now, it's time for me to get back to the drawing board (or Photoshop, in this case!) I hope to see you again when I have updates on book 2. Until then, I wish you peace, love, and prosperity.