Thursday, December 8, 2005

Demo trade and studio photos

My good pal Becky Cloonan is the artist for the above series, Demo! FINALLY the trade paperback collecting all 12 inspiring issues is ready for order~! Click the above image to get to the listing! =)

Also, for those curious, Kazu (who, by the way, will have work up at Nucleus' christmas show opening this Saturday ::phew:: hehe~)took a bunch of pictures of our new studio in our spiffy new place. I have to say, I never had such a nice workspace! I guess we both came a long way from drawing on the floor. Click the below image to see the pics:

Things have calmed down a bit since finishing up S&S. I've been spending the time regathering myself for the next book (preparing production schedules for the upcoming year for three different projects, writing scripts and dabbling with an RM proposal). Basically a lot of little things so when it comes time to get back into drawing I can do it without having to stop and write too much, cause that's where things tend to slow down a bit.

Still, I can't wait to get back into it so I'll have more work to show here. This place is gettin' kinda quiet! And huuuuuge thank you to everyone that pre-ordered S&S so far. It's weird thinking someone pre-ordered something I made! How neat~ =D

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