Thursday, December 15, 2005

In Hawaii Once More

Once more, I'm in Honolulu visiting my awesome mom and brother. I love Hawaii. It's a beautiful paradise, and there's a peace with waking up to the sound of all the birds singing, sun shining, clear breezes through the radiant green trees carrying wonderful smells of flowers and sweets. This is only my second trip here, but every time I'm given a moment to reflect and regather myself while spending time with my familiy.

A year's passed since last time and it feels like my life has come full circle. So much has changed since then and I feel like a much more mature person than I was before. Being here last time reminded me that it was okay to expect more in life. Arriving here this time, it's reminding me how wonderful it is now. A lot of things were on pause, hobbies I enjoyed and projects I cared about, to make room for preparing myself for the rest of my life. Being here reminds me that things will be fine now and I can move on.

I'll be doing a lot of writing while I'm here so I'm not sure about how many visuals I'll have to post~ Been watching a few movies lately as well. Kazu, Ben, and I recently did a little double feature... Narnia followed by King Kong. I wasn't so hot on Narnia, I felt like the characters were non-existant, but it'd be a good movie for kids I suppose. King Kong however was just awesome, especially the scene in the ravine fighting all of the bugs... I just loved that! XD Of course the rest of the movie is wonderful as well, I highly recommend it. In fact... I wouldn't mind seeing it yet again before it comes off the big screen. You can just tell that everyone working on it was having so much fun, so there's a real sense of enjoyment behind everything in the movie that keeps you glued to your seat.

Also the horrific elements in it have a great balance between nightmare and humor. When things get too intense there's always a moment of decompression that results in a well-balanced emotional ride. After watching something like Narnia where the SFX were overshadowing the story, it was such a breath of fresh air to see something like King Kong where the effects and story went hand in hand. I hope more movies in the future will go in that direction... but I guess they can't all be so awesome. =P

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