Monday, May 7, 2007

Sorcerers & Secretaries vol. 2, page 8

So yesterday I finished up watching Avatar Book 1, thanks to Dave Roman who sent it to me and Kazu as a little wedding present. I was adverse to watching it at first because ever since I saw the first promo images for Avatar, I was nervous. Something about it reminded me so much of Reman that it made my skin itch. I'm so grateful that Dave encouraged me to watch it, though. My fears were unwarranted, they are completely different entities that were influenced by similar things. I guess sometimes when you see the same images over and over, like I did with Reman Myth, and you see anything remotely similar it can feel disturbingly familiar even if they're really completely different.

I can happily say that my fears have been purged, and I think Avatar is an awesome show. I can't wait to see Books 2 and 3! There's cool concepts, great character archs, and superb TV animation. The only thing that could probably use some work is the voice acting, but what can you do, eh? I can't wait to get together with my friend Johanne and geek out over the series. She's a story artist on the show, and makes the best Avatar fan art on the net! Check 'em out! =)

(p.s. Zuko is my favorite character since he has such a dramatic story arch! And you know... I like the drama...)

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