Friday, June 8, 2007

Sorcerers & Secretaries vol. 2, page 40

Somehow I always read the two word balloons in panel three in the wrong order when it's online, but it reads fine in print. If I had more time, it's one of the things I would've changed for clarity's sake.

Speaking of honing one's craft, the first review that I know of for Sorcerers & Secretaries 2 is up at! It got a B+ which is good news. It means there's plenty space to improve and opportunities to surpass myself! I guess the reviewer wasn't too interested in Susan and Riley's relationship, and in retrospect maybe it was a little self-serving since it was the most fun part for me to write. I didn't really think too much about whether or not anyone else would be into it... oops. >_<>

In other news, today one of our assistants is leaving us for a covetted internship with Pixar Animation up in Emeryville, CA. She left us with a whole mess of One Piece episodes. Ever since she started helping us out with Amulet, she couldn't stop talking about One Piece. It is her ultimate television show, and I was touched by her gift. Can't wait to watch the whole series!!! Best of luck to you, Katy. Knock 'em dead at Pixar!

Tomorrow is the Otis presentation. I am a little nervous! It's been quite a while since I did any public speaking, and some people are paying money to see this. I hope the other artists and I will give them their money's worth. Wish me luck!

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