Friday, January 19, 2007

Chapter 4 pencils finished.

Chapter four pencils DONE. Too tired to spread all the pages out like the previous photos...(can you see all the eraser crumbs?) It turns out there were only six pages left (not seven), but since I was so off today from last night, it was a long time before I could get into it. The first two pages took me from 9pm-2am, last four took me from 2am-6am. At least I got to go to the gym and have a nice dinner with Kazu before that.

For both the writing and pencilling stage, I find myself staying up the latest because the outcome of the pages depends on my mood. For writing, I have to put a lot of thought and feeling into it, and it's hard writing a good romantic scene, for example, when you're not in a romantic mood and thinking about how you have to do laundry or something. And when I'm pencilling it's like I'm acting, so I have to have a lot of focus and emotion. Usually I have to put my headphones on with scene-appropriate music to get me into the mood of the characters' feelings, and I have to totally ignore everything around me.

Tomorrow I get to clean my desk and print out the bluelines for the inking stage. It'll be a nice, brain-free day! Hopefully I can squeeze a movie and some veg-out time in between.

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