Monday, January 22, 2007

Chapter 4 marathon -- paused

So I inked about four pages, and will slowly work on them but don't expect frequent updates like last week.

I had a story meeting with the amazing Phil Craven (who is also a fan of the romantic comedy genre) and of course my honey Kazu regarding some of the little kinks in the end of the book 2 script. Well, those little kinks wound up unravelling large chunks of the story which are all thankfully in book 2 alone. I'll have to go back and redraw a handful of pages. The script as it is, is just "pretty good!". But I want it to be pristinely awesome. I want the reader to be moved and amused, not just mildly entertained.

Something I learned from my last book is that I want to feel like I did the best job I could with every project I put my hands on. I have a hard time feeling proud of myself for a mediocre effort, and my book will suffer for it if I don't give it my all. Since this will be the last book, I need to give it my best shot.

So because I'll be working on story stuff intensely as I ink, I think blogging more often will get boring. I'll update again when I have a good chunk of work that I can share with you guys in terms of progress photos. Until then, wish me luck!

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