Tuesday, November 1, 2005

November Manga Online

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Helloooo everyone~

So Manga Online (formerly takuhai...) November edition is online now. They have a bunch of new series up along with the usual suspects so check them out. They also have a re-uhhh... "print" I guess of a Newsarama interview with me.

Also, don't forget to download, print, and present to your local comic shop retailer the flyer from the previous entry! =D

In other news, Kazu and I found an apartment and we're NOT moving to Portland at the moment. We just have too many projects to do right now for a bigger move like that, but we definitely need more space. Our 500 sq.ft. apartment isn't enough if you're working at home. But this new place will suit us juuuuusst fine! Can't wait to settle in, it'll just be tough juggling that and finishing up this book in time. =P Back to the drawing board I go~

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