Monday, May 7, 2007

Sorcerers & Secretaries vol. 2, page 7

Gosh, we're already on page seven. As I get older it feels like time moves quicker...

I wanted it to be apparant that Josh was a naturally good reader. There's some people I know that are terrible writers, but are really astute readers. Having those types around to give you feedback can be a great help if you're a struggling writer, as Nicole will find out.

I still stick by the philosophy that art is like an energy capsule that captures the emotion that the artist was feeling at the moment of creation. The success and failure of various works to me depends on whether or not it feels like the person behind the piece was really into what they were doing, and especially whether or not the piece is coming from an honest place. I think some people have an innate sense of this and can tell when something's good or not, or can immediately understand the poetry behind a piece of work. I wanted to write Josh with this hidden talent. I hope it worked!

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