Saturday, May 19, 2007

lots of pictures today...

Photo reference is always helpful, and you can always tell when someone uses it. I usually don't use photo reference, but I had to for the first panel because I just couldn't remember what the bridge looked like, exactly.

In other news I got early copies of book 2 today:

Mmmm... FRESH GRAPHIC NOVELS!!! =D When I got book 1 my reaction was relief. When I got these books, my reaction was pure joy! Finally a completed, full story in print! The printing is a little dark in some spots, but I don't know if anyone will care but me. It looks awesome and I can't wait to share it with the world! It still isn't released until June 12th though...

It's also interesting for me to read it all bound together like this. Certain layouts that worked in single page format doesn't work as well when they're bound together in a book. With each book I hope to get better at using the page-turn and book layouts to improve at my panel arrangements and word balloon placement, which is a part of comics that has always fascinated me.

And also, I didn't think I'd be able to get to it at first, but I managed to squeeze in a watercolor piece for Nucleus' "Power In Numbers" show:

The show's tomorrow (Saturday) starting at 7pm, and part of the sales are donated Susan G. Komen for the cure. Come to Nucleus and see the 200+ art pieces all priced at 50-100 dollars. It's quite a sight!

I painted this because I want amateur astronomy to be my hobby outside of comics. I just have to go buy some good binoculars and a sweet planisphere! While this was happening, Kazu spent all day doing the linework for Amulet. This has been his position for the past few weeks:

Sigh... I can totally relate. But the book is a magical read, I think people will be blown away not only by the beautifully painted pages, but by the breathtaking action and heartfelt story. Ach! Can't wait til it comes out! =D After it does, we're definitely taking a vacation though. Until then we're having fun working together with a group of five or six interns. That's right, folks. Team comics to the rescue!

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