Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chapter 5 inks finished

Phew! I finished inking chapter five last night! I dunno if I can post this but I'm really proud of this page because I was afraid I couldn't draw Josh jumping the turnstile, but it turned out okay so I'm posting it anyway hehe~ still need to add tones:

Also thanks to everyone replying to Kazu's request for cities with affordable housing and that are livable! We decided to postpone our Portland move for financial and time reasons, maybe we'll do it next year? We've also considered Seattle because it seems more metropolitan, we still have yet to visit it though. I have to say that I do miss the Northeast and part of me wants to go running back there, but at the same time I've moved around so much my entire life within the Northeast. I think as long as the people around me are awesome and the city makes sense with what I'm doing as a career, we'll make it work.

In any case, if anyone has a place in mind that is suggested, go ahead and pimp your city! We wanna know good places to look into for buying a house. =)


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