Saturday, February 4, 2006

New Manga Online

Hello folks~ there's a new edition of manga online now and guess what... It features the first chapter of my pal Becky's latest creation, East Coast Rising! I believe this is the first time she got to draw AND write her own story (besides the short stories for Flight) since her acclaimed work on Demo. So please, do check that out!

I also really like the new addition of George's "Go With Grace". I thought his Rising Stars entry was one of the best with clear and down-to-earth storytelling that I enjoyed. So yeah, check that out too.

The site changed their organization as well, so chapters 1-3 are available to read for S&S and that'll be it. I think the same goes for all their books with 3 chapter online previews~ Also keep an eye out in bookstores for S&S (apparently in stock at the tokyopop store) and if you're bored, well... heck! Book's about to be out, just go ahead and vote for S&S at manga online. >_<

*pimp mode off* With work, I started writing book 2 (so far chapters 1 and 2), and as mentioned on the forums the story picks up right where it left off. We're shooting for a Jan. 07 release but this date is tentative at best. It's interesting because whereas last time I would write/draw/tone each chapter one at a time, this time I'm doing each stage in book-long chunks. So this means ALL of the writing (pp 1-170!) first, then ALL of the thumbnails, then ALL of the inks and all of the tones. This is so different from what I'm used to, but considering I get the worst artist's block at the writing stage, this is such a great idea to get all of the thinking out of the way and then it's just a matter of pumping out the visuals, which requires less brainpower from me. I'm excited to be trying this out~ =)

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