Thursday, February 16, 2006

Possible cover for S&S2, plus B&N signing

If all goes well, the above could possibly be the cover for volume 2 of S&S, but you never know. The artwork isn't final but I spent all night on it and thought I would share~ Click the images for larger versions.

Flight 3, the first edition of Flight to be published by Random House, has just gone up on for pre-orders. Check out that hot hot cover by my sweetie!!! *sigh* Show your support for the awesome artists within with a pre-order for Flight 3.

Tomorrow is my book signing at Thousand Oaks, hope to see some of you there! Thanks to the fine folks at Flight, Scott McCloud, and Kazu for pimping the event. I promise I'll try to do better than I did in Torrence! XD

Work has been dense lately, juggling between freelance, S&S 2, and my Flight 4 story (I'm going to make it in this time, by the comic gods!!!). But at the same time, I'm feeling hints of my old inspired self coming back, a part of me that wafts in and out of my life as I continuously hammer away at the geode that is my career.

I haven't really blogged about it much, but going through the first book was very draining (as it probably is for every comic artist), as was halting my artistic sanctuary that was Reman Myth. I was so tempted to just start again online, just so I could visit the world again and indulge myself in its complex social issues and romantic storyline. So tempted!!! Then a friend reminded me that the story was a whopping ten books long, and reality hit me in the face again. The only way I could EVER do this book before I die was if I could do it full time, and the only way I could afford to do it full time was if it was published. So I just let it go, it'll have to wait and work on the proposal when I can spare the brain space, just as I'd originally planned.

This doesn't really affect anyone reading this, but it had a sizable impact on me in recent days. It took me a year to finally admit to myself what my actions (and logical brain) decided on last year. This seems to be the pattern with me... my brain gets it right before my heart every time and my emotions catch up. Well... except with Kazu. My brain and heart were right in step with eachother. =) By finally accepting the reality in its full, I can allow my 13-year-old self that's so attached to RM to go play in the S&S world for a while. This will make the story much richer in the end, because not only will I be inspired while I do S&S2, I'll be PUMPED... and hopefully it'll show.

Thank you, too, to everyone who ordered S&S so far. So far the feedback has been very positive, I'm so relieved! Your support just spurs me on to get better and make better comics. If I could I would give everyone who bought it a hug. Your purchases allow me to do what I do for a living. I feel so incredibly lucky. I guess the best that I can repay you guys is to just deliver a really awesome conclusion in volume 2!

By the way, has anyone else watched the new Silent Hill trailer? Love the simple eeriness of that poster image! I'm looking forward to seeing this more than any other movie right now... =P

And did I mention that Jen Lee Quick is back with a vengence? Her fuzzyfeather site may be down but you can check out her latest works full of color, story, and character over at her deviantart account.

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