Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Set

It's been an eventful month in my neck of the woods, but things are finally settling down. Three weeks ago, my husband was knocked down a peg by pneumococcal meningitis, a potentially fatal bacterial infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Five days in ICU and 9 days in recovery, and he is nearly back to normal, give or take a few memory gaps. He is expected to make a full recovery given time, and is nearly there already just 1.5 weeks out of the hospital. He is amazing. I am just relieved that he survived, his personality and health is otherwise in tact, and he is the same man I fell in love with.

We had tons of help from family and friends through this ordeal. We are incredibly grateful to everyone for their support, babysitting, and food runs while in the hospital and afterwards. Together, they saved my husband's life. We have the best friends and family! We are very lucky and totally dodged a bullet! 

I learned so much in the past few weeks, it's difficult to write it all down in a blog post. Reliving the details of what we went through seems trite as well, so I guess I'll end it here.

Above and below you'll find the latest set of drawings from the book I'm working on. The flying dolphin one I drew while keeping Kazu company in the hospital. As corny as it is, it is special to me for that reason alone. Anyway, enjoy the drawings! More to come in the weeks ahead. :)