Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Philip sketch. Age: 14.

Just a quick sketch I did for someone. I ended up liking it, so it got some color treatment. Click the thumbnail to see the full version:

I'm on chapter 24. Drawing this helped me get into character a bit, I think...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More watercolors and some sketches

Last Monday, Kazu wrapped up his epic graphic novel, Amulet 2. I simply cannot wait until it hits the shelves! I did a really awesome fan art, but I have to wait to post it until the book comes out to avoid spoilage. :P

I've been spending my full time writing the third and (hopefully?) final draft of Rema (tentative title). I'm about halfway through, and having a blast. I heard back from my cousin and friend, so here are the other two watercolors I did as gifts.

The first is a portrait of Nicole in friend's favorite color, orange:

The second is a Peter Rabbit fan art for my cousin's baby room:

It was really interesting trying to get into a Beatrix Potter-esque headspace. She has a really endearing way of drawing wrinkles that was difficult to replicate! It was a strange feeling doing this painting, like I had an afternoon with Potter herself and got to have a conversation with her or something. It was fun.

Also, here's a bunch of sketches of Rema characters I've done recently, some new ones that have unfortunately been cut. These were done after the second draft during our trip to Italy. Click the thumbnail to see the rest: