Friday, August 4, 2006

Shabu Shabu!

Tonight Kazu and I made some shabu shabu. It was awesome! Also, some beautiful work from a couple women I admire. Check out the lovely comic in the New York Times from Hope Larson, and the fantastic Chinese zodiac illustration from Jen Wang (who provided these links!) in Shojo Beat magazine. Also, if you haven't listened to it, someone recorded the Flight panel. Kazu talks about graphic novels and I think I say something about how much I love Flight. Informative and interesting if you're into graphic novels or comics in general!

In other news, Jellaby has a blog! Jellaby's such a friendly l'il monster, so be sure to visit it and add him to your friends list. Also... why are owls so funny looking?

Also, to Mom (cause I know you read this!): I'm sending you some cd's and prints, Linda Rondstat has a new album with Ann Savoy, I think you'll like it. I especially love track 6, "Plus Tu Tournes". =)

I guess I'd better get back to the comics!

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