Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flight 3 is out!

Guess what? If you haven't heard...... Flight 3 is in stores now! Well, technically it's trickling into stores now, but should arrive at stores within the week. There's also a sweet preview of all the work for those curious. I'm not in this volume but it is my personal favorite so far (although I get the feeling that every volume will be my fav as they are released!), it just feels really solid and everyone did amazing work. The printing job Ballantine did is fantastic with nice thick paper, bold colors, and a smooth matte finish. The stories within are consistantly stellar and inspiring, so if you see it in a store give it a look and support this wonderful group project.

Or if you prefer online ordering, you can do so at Amazon. =)

Chances are you've probably already read about the Flight release but I couldn't help it! The book looks so great, and it's a project definitely worth supporting. Flight makes the perfect book to introduce people into the wonderful versatility and beauty of comics.

I'm back working on S&S2 (finally). The release date will probably be pushed back, although the Jan07 date was never an official one. When an official date is set, I'll let you all know... for now though I'm gonna keep chippin' away at that block.

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