Monday, June 26, 2006

Josh and Nicole in costume

To continue my watercolor experiments I did the above utilizing a wonderful collection of costumes my friend Cynthea had given me for my birthday. I'd been itching to do this illustration for a while, and it was one of those pictures that could either come out awesome or come out really crappy. I'm pleased with the results, it looks better than what I'd expected before starting it. It's Josh and Nicole... again. Still have a thing or two to learn about controlling the blotches of water on the brush. I've been using a water-pen, but maybe it's time to graduate to regular watercolor brushes.

Work on Goosebumps, Deep Trouble is done now. The script to S&S2 will be given a quick read-over, and then it's on to the thumbnails. Something I learned from the Goosebumps assignment, toning more than five pages in a row can get extremely tedious. I'll try to draw, ink, and tone five pages at a time in S&S 2 and see how it'll go. As long as the script is laid out, the story should (hopefully) be consistant throughout. We'll see how it goes...

By the way everyone... I dunno how much longer they'll be available, but take advantage of the free Charlie Rose videos offered on Google video. I looooove listening to him while drawing. I remember drawing the picture above while listening to Rose interview the Dalai Lama and thinking how much he sounded like Yoda... I wonder if Lucas was thinking of him when designing that character.

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