Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nicole looking teachery

Today was pretty productive. I managed to tone five pages of "Deep Trouble" with this watercolor that I've been itching to do as my end-of-day reward. Tomorrow I'll be trekking to downtown LA's public library to help Tokyopop out with talking to some students. Should be fun!

Kazu and I also invested in a couple DS Lites, along with a slew of games. It's nice to be able to play MarioKart DS and Fire Emblem on the same system! I was worried at first that it would distract from my creative time, but we purchased these things yesterday and so far so good... =P

I rediscovered Aurore's beautiful work today, visiting her site was very inspiring so go look at it again if you haven't in a while. I didn't know, but she has a BD out by Delcourt! You go girl!!!! Somehow, I'll get my hands on Pixie...

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