Sunday, April 1, 2007

Thanks everyone!

Thank you sooooo much to everyone who volunteered for toning help. The response was way more than I expected, and I have yet to get back to a number of you (I will definitely write back to everyone eventually!). I feel so grateful and humbled. I selected a few people for the help and a couple more for back up in case things get crazy, so I'm good for now. But I feel very very lucky to have such supportive people reading this blog and my work. I can't thank you all enough! Gotta make this book triple awesome...!!

Man... after all that it seems kinda innappropriate to say this but I feel obligated. Goosebumps Graphix: Terror Trips comes out today with my adaptation of "Deep Trouble". So if you want to see what I spent a good three months doing at the beginning of the year check it out: a page from deep trouble posted a while back and of course, the innevitable amazon link:

The Goosebumps books are perfect for comics adaptation because of their brevity and visual nature. My story aside, this is a fun series and I was super impressed with the first volume. Great art, fun stories, and a wonderful package (I especially loved Greg Ruth's adaptation of "The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight").

Well, off I go to scan 78 pages of pencils then it's on to inks. The clock is ticking!

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