Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chapter 6, first 23 pages

Eight more pages. Boy. Blogging's getting kinda tiring. Anyone ever get tired of bloggin'?

Anyway, this scene I'm drawing right now is sad, so to put me in a meloncholy mood I've been listening to a lot of Les Miserables. I especially love this song when it's sung by the original Valjean. Speaking of youtube and musicals, last night Kazu and I discovered a fun clip of a porsche chase scene from one of his favorite childhood movies, "Condor Man". It turns out, also, that Condor Man is played by none other than the original phantom, Michael Crawford. Wow. And by watching the opening, the soundtrack was written by Henry Mancini. Double wow. And apparently, Condor Man is a cartoonist that wants to make his comic character a reality by pretending to be him, only to be hired by the CIA. Ha. So Condor Man has three things I love: Cartoonists, Henry Mancini, and Michael Crawford. I have to see this movie. Unfortunately it costs a ridiculous amount of money to buy. Maybe blockbuster has a copy...

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