Saturday, May 13, 2006

Haven't disappeared yet

Image swiped from Shadiradio, where you can see more of his E3 pics. (thanks Shadi...!)

I just realized I hadn't blogged about anything in a while. Welp, if any of you've been reading Kazu's blog you'd know we're back in CA (as of, like, a week ago!). I'm spending the month of May working on a freelance project which I'll announce soon.

Yesterday me, Kazu, and a bunch of our friends stopped by E3 for a gander. It was like watching a commercial for three hours... kind of cool though because I was pleased to see snippets of Loco Roco, God Hand, and the new Sonic game. A lot of games turned into a blur of Lord of The Rings/Warcraft-esque/Lunar-type worlds and gameplay which got really tired after the first ten times seeing it. The EA booth was pretty awesome though with a 360 degree projection of trailers for their games, highlights included Spore and a new Burnout. Speaking of Spore, the line for sitting in on its demonstration and for trying out Nintendo's Wii was waaaaaayyy too long, and both were things we all really wanted to see. There was a lot of "secrecy" since everything was in an enclosed booth. Boo. All part of the hype machine, I guess.

All in all, E3 was fun but I don't think I need to go again. However, upon leaving I found myself with a huge urge to buy a PSP. I guess all those live rock bands and flashing images worked on me! I'll have an update with pics from our NYC/Rochester trip when I get a chance, for now it's off to see an Over The Hedge screening and then it's back to WORK! Hope everyone else is doing good, too. =)

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