Monday, March 27, 2006

Flight 3 in Previews

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I finished the first draft of the scripts for the entire second book of S&S on Friday (I believe everyone will be blushing and smiling sweetly by the end of the book!). Saturday was spent going over some edits for an adaptation series I’m participating in, and I spent Sunday trying to get myself to do more work but failing miserably. That’s okay though since Sunday was instead spent regaining energy (aka playing We Love Katamari, re-watching Howl's Moving Castle, and making carne asada fajitas with Kazu) and rediscovering my love for an old cancelled ABC dramedy series, “Cupid”.

For those who don’t know about the show, allow me to geek out a bit. Cupid was a short-lived, 13-episode (?) series that aired on ABC in the late 90s. Its creator and executive producer, Rob Thomas, went on to create and produce Veronica Mars, which I didn’t know! I definitely have to check out VM now, as if my friends’ recommendations weren’t enough. You can also find two scripts to unaired episodes under downloads in the Cupid section on his site. I thought that was cool of him. A kind Lisa Loeb fan hosts an episode of the show as well called 'First Loves', in which Loeb guest stars. And apparantly, I can watch the pilot at the UCLA film and television archive. Is it worth it?!

Thinking of Cupid again, though, it’s no wonder I’d go and write something like Sorcerers & Secretaries. I guess I’m more of a cheesy romantic than I always thought! Speaking of romance, check out when you have a chance...

Also, from Kazu’s blog:

FLIGHT 3 in Previews...

According to Michel, the solicitation for Flight 3 is in this month's Previews on page 245, with a full-page ad on page 267. I'll go pick up a copy of Previews to make a proper post about the solicitation tomorrow. In the meantime, go let your local comic shop know to order it! Oh, and any images with my name on the cover are inaccurate. I asked Random House to take my name off the front since it's a group effort.”

We’ll be stopping by the comic shop tomorrow to pick up our copy and do what we gotta do. =)

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