Thursday, December 14, 2006

Book 1 Flunk

After finishing my S&S pages last night, I felt like painting on our cintiq so here it is... another version of the chapter 1 cover for Reman Mythology. I was going to use it as a mock-book cover, but it really doesn't embody the story of the first book well enough. So, it fullfills its purpose as just somethin' to paint on the cintiq. I also want to do a painting of Ellon from S&S sometime. I'm a little frustrated with Reman Myth right now, I'm finding it difficult to tap into that world after spending so much time away from it despite desperately wanting to write it again. It's hard to fully delve into it while I'm still working on a story that takes place in the modern world. Comics is such a tedious process, although enjoyable. I can't help but feel sometimes, though, that RM should be written in prose. If only I was a better writer! Ah well... I'd better just stick to my plan. In the mean time I still have another 100 pages of S&S to draw while I give all this stuff more careful thought.

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