Saturday, October 14, 2006

Working on Flight, June's 12 Days

Been working on painting Food From The Sea for the past couple days. For the longest time I had this gripping fear of painting. Granted, painting on Photoshop is really different from real paint, but I mean I just had a fear of color in general. I was so down on my own coloring skills, I even pretended to think that black and white comics are superior to color back in college! I don't want my feelings of self-doubt to get in the way of broadening the tools at my disposal for comics, like coloring. And I discovered it really doesn't take me that much longer to paint a page than it does to tone a page at the level of detail that RM is. Lesson? Put doubt to the side and just dive into whatever artistic realm you think you have no skill for! If you don't try, you'll never learn. Of course, it does help to have someone like Kazu and Chris watching me over the shoulder too... still. It was my doubt that kept me from even trying in the first place.

Also, everyone should read this interview with friend and fellow SVA cartooning grad, June Kim! Her first graphic novel ever, 12 Days, finally comes out November 7th. Even though she's a friend, I'm a huge fan of her work simply as a fellow artist admiring another professional. Her linework is impeccable, and her panel layouts, pacing, and mood are excecuted with care and purpose. You can pre-order the book on Amazon to show her your support.

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