Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Blog, New Projects

The old felaxx.com blog has become an impenetrable layer-cake of confusion, so I've ported all of the archives here to blogger. It's something I've been meaning to do for months, but it wasn't a priority. The book series I've been trying to get started has finally reached a stage where I can send it to some publishers, but it is still a long shot, and a long process. I have no idea when or if my little middle grade fiction series will ever get off the ground, but in the mean time I'm having a blast working on it.

Above is my favorite illustration from the book so far. Drawing these characters has been so much fun, and I love writing them. With book 1 at a presentable stage, I've already starting outlining book 2 while it gets passed around. I can't wait to get writing on it! The Reman Novel is still on hold, even though I still want to work on it. My mind is currently filled with magical girl adventure, however.

Speaking of which, it was interesting going through my old blog archives. I got to relive some painful memories -- staying up 'til sunrise inking Sorcerers & Secretaries, for example. It also made me feel really bad for never having finished Reman Mythology and giving people's hopes up. Everyone has been so patient with my work over the years, and I'm so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so much support. Sometimes I feel like I've invited a bunch of people to my house promising a delicious pot roast, only to have the pot roast get burned and I had to feed them old crackers.

Needless to say, anyone who's ever supported me and my work in the past, you have my gratitude. I'm working on another pot roast, but I'll be honest with you this time... I have no idea if you'll ever get to eat it.

For now, I must go pack. Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Providence with Kazu and our little boy. It'll be his first airplane trip, and I'm super excited! Also, some crisp autumnal air will do our bodies good. :)


  1. not sure if it's me or you but the drawings don't appear to be there in your posts. Love the photo of your wee bundle of fun though.

  2. You're right, I had some domain problems. I hope everything works now!

  3. Looks gooood! Good to see you and good luck with this project! :-D give Juni a hug and a clap for me lol

  4. Hi Amy! Diggin the new format of the blog!

  5. "Sometimes I feel like I've invited a bunch of people to my house promising a delicious pot roast, only to have the pot roast get burned and I had to feed them old crackers."

    B-but it smelled good anyway, and there was such awesome company and the whole thing was a blast to be remembered with fondness! :3 I enjoyed watching you work through Reman Mythology but I'm just as glad to hear you've got some neat new projects keeping you busy and enthused. Heh, I can still remember how pleased I was when I found out you were getting published with S&S. I love seeing my fave web-artists in print.

    Hope your trip is/was wonderful!

  6. yay providence!! try to get to newport's cliff walk if you have time, it's incredible

  7. Hey Amy!

    I finally got google reader up and running, so I won't just be checking your blog randomly whenever I think to run down my link list. Yay! Anyway, I very very much understand how you feel. I love your pot roast analogy. That's how I feel about my graphic novel too. Moms have to tackle bite-size projects, I think, and tuck the bigger ones in our back pockets for later... when munchkins are in school. :)

    Hope all is well! Glad you are on blogger! This image is so pretty!

  8. Sarah, you're the only one that understands me! And I didn't know you were actively updating your blogger! It's so good to see all that beautiful art from you, and exciting to see that work continues on your GN. :D. I need to get a scanner hooked up at home so I can actually post more drawings...