Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cooking With Mom

I spent last Sunday going to my mom's unofficial Korean cooking class where she taught me several of her homemade recipes for ban-chan and fish.

To the left is a sort of instructional recipe comic I made so I could remember exactly what to do, as she is sort of self-taught. Her way of teaching is to simply make the thing and I watch. I took rigorous notes, so hopefully I'll be able to make instructional comics out of the rest of the recipes because making this was a lot of fun.

I hope it gives you the courage to try frying up a fish yourself! Pike Mackerel are especially high in omega-3's. Good luck. :)


  1. makes me wish I wasn't allergic to fish x]

  2. excellent recipe, haven't had ackrel in ages as my kids won't eat it. My wife and I have promised ourselves a once a month adult dinner and this is now top of my list to cook.

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  4. Post more, "Cooking with Mom". It's serious value added.