Friday, May 29, 2009

Books and Babies

Above is a watercolor of Tabby waking up in her bedroom (again). Thinking about doing another one of Philip in his own room waking up, just to show how similar they are. I'm not sure how helpful doing these drawings are, however. They certainly aren't helping my writing! :/

Speaking of which, I'm back in outline mode, taking summaries of draft 2 and 3, highlighting which parts I liked and which parts I thought were boring. On Khang's recommendation, I've been using a website called, and it's been pretty indispensable so far. If you're struggling with outlines, I highly recommend it. It's better than using the old notecard-on-a-corkboard method. It's easy to rearrange your ideas, you can color code everything, very flexible way of organizing your thoughts.

I'm also 3.5 months pregnant. This is our first child and my first time dealing with pregnancy. It's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me, and I feel more healthy + happy than ever. Really! I haven't had much morning sickness or anything (yet). The baby is progressing well so far, and I feel very lucky to be a woman and be able to experience this. I've never felt so close to Life before.

It makes focusing on my book difficult however, because all I can think about is being a mom. If I don't finish this book by the time Little Amzu is here (temporary name) I'll probably move onto a shorter, simpler project and put Rema on the backburner. I feel really close to a decent final product, but it's been taking me way longer than I ever could've guessed it would, and momma's gotta make some kind of income eventually.

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