Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Raed with his hair down

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One of Tabby's many outfits in the first book, and a snippet of a scene where Tabby finds Raed praying by the tree at the top of the spire (featured two posts down). Sometimes I wish Rema could be a 2D animated film, but then it almost immediately gets eclipsed by the far-away dream that it could be live action. In which case, I would want someone like this to play Philip! Song Seung Heon is too old now, but he was the original model for Philip's face in high school. Philip's character design has morphed a bit since then.

But before I start daydreaming, I should probably finish the actual book. I'm on the last chapter now, and feeling a little nervous. It's difficult to figure out how to end it. After going through so much with the characters, I want there to be some feeling of conclusion, but I want to leave it open for the next two books without a cliffhanger. It's tough!!!

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