Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'll be appearing at a couple places pretty soon in the LA area. First one up is the West Hollywood Book Fair which is on Sept. 17th, that's this Sunday. Here's the info for the panel I'll be on along with the usual suspects from the local "OGM" scene:

Time: 12:15-1:15
Felipe Smith (MBQ)
Wes Abbott (Dogby)
Ireve Flores (Mark of the Succubus)
Amy Kim Ganter (Sorcerers and Secretaries)
Tim Beedle (Editor)
Moderator: Lillian Diaz-Przybyl
Signings - TOKYOPOP

Check out the book fair site for maps and directions. On the 23rd, I'll be at Meltdown comics with a bunch of local webcomic authors to do a booksigning. It should be fun! Here's a list of the authors that'll be there along with info on Meltdown Comics:

David Malki
The Annotated Wondermark

Amy Kim Ganter
Sorcerers & Secretaries, Book 1

Kazu Kibuishi
Flight 1
Flight 2
Flight 3
Daisy Kutter

Jorge Cham
Piled Higher & Deeper, Volumes 1 and 2

Dave Kellett
Pure Ducky Goodness
A Well Balanced Meal

Kris Straub
A Terrifying Breach of Protcol
Sparkling Diplomacy

Steve Tropp
Melonpool, Vol 3: A New Hope
Melonpool, Vol 4: Castaway
Melonpool, Vol 5: This Island Earth

7522 Sunset Blvd
L.A., CA 90046
(323) 851-7223

In other news, a flattering review of Book 1 for S&S is on the website She makes special note of how the book is a cliffhanger and that I need to get my ass in gear for the second volume! Note taken. Right now I'm having fun pairing up two particular characters together, part of me wants to make a small one-shot side story of just them. They're too fun. =)

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